Did you know? 

Having your indoor thermostat temperature set too low or too high can lead to different problems?

Too Dry Means (83°F+) :

Increased dust

Respiratory, throat, and skin irritations

Additionally, conditions that are too dry can lead to:

Damage to wood floors, furniture, musical instruments

Static electricity; electronic equipment damage

Too Wet Means (66°F-):

Mold, mildew, dust mite growth; allergic reactions

Additionally, conditions that are too wet can lead to:

Termites, cockroaches, and other insects

Condensation and stains on walls, ceilings, windows

Flaking paint and peeling wallpaper

This depends on the humidity levels outside, and the current outdoor temperature. For real-time tracker visit https://weather.com/forecast/allergy/l/USTX1177:1:US

According to the measurements above, the comfort zone is between 67°F and 82°F

Source: https://weather.com